On June 21, 2018, our Tarzan team has set out to experience two days and one night in Cuc Phuong National Park. Familiar place, not far away but very new feeling. The students had a memorable time with their teachers and friends. Summary of captain Tarzan's field trip as follows:

  • It was hot because the stilt house hasn't got the air-conditioner. We had the opportunity to sweat out. Heard that it good for detoxification.

  • A little tired because... play too much. Spent all one afternoon, we went by bus to the end of the forest, found a beautiful lawn and to play until exhausted. A small group stayed because of the boredom of 4 wheelers. We like to drown in nature should use 2 wheels without the engine. Although we are far away, but also make us jealous because only we were wading streams crab ... 😙

  • It was too hot to set fire to the camp, but without campfire, we can't tasting Alex's mashmello. The grilled pork was extremely delicious.

  • Confiscated the phone for whole day, the first some students addicted to grumble, after talking with each others felt more happy, our ears were transquil

  • Being together for one night, we get promoted clearly, go somewhere together, no longer alone!

  • There are many interesting stories. What a memorable trip this summer! <3 <3 <3​