This is the final trip to end the summer holiday in 2018 with the teachers of SmartLearn English Center. After this trip, you go back to school, tell each other the interesting experience that you have accumulated over the past 3 months. Sticking to English SmartLearn has gone through so many years, but today, teachers feel deeply the maturity of you.


  • This summer, SmartLearn students learned how to self-go: They used to go to the toilet, change their clothes, wash their hands before eating without the reminders, watch their brothers and sisters when they go out without their parents. ..
  • SmartLearn students are very sociable: Knowing to share food, knowing how to play and turn in turn, teamwork skills are gradually forming!
  • SmartLearn students are also very active: Join all the games with the teachers - Very excited and enthusiastic!
  • Every summer, SmartLearn students grow up a lot! Love them so much.