Teens (12 - 16 years old)

SmartLearn builds a standardized English language pathway for elementary and junior high school students, helping them develop communication skills, grammar, vocabulary, and test-taking skills for achievement. Highly-prepared as well as ready for international tests or English language tests.

Depending on their age and level, they will be placed in classrooms with progressively increasing levels from basic to advanced to ensure effective integration and absorption.

Attending the course will help them develop four language skills:

  • Listening to native speakers
  • For reading, writing and grammar with Vietnamese teachers.
  • Create a solid foundation that will help you conquer every exam.

Course Information:

  • Consists of 32 sessions in 4 months.
  • Two semesters, 1.5 hours each
  • Native speakers from the UK, USA, Australia and European countries.
  • Vietnamese teachers are highly qualified and have extensive teaching experience.
  • Small class size: maximum 15 students.

The course is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of English, are gifted in English or wish to participate in an international study environment. Taking the course, they will:

Revise your knowledge of phonetics and vocabulary;

  • Practice listening and speaking skills in everyday life and in the academic environment (communication, presentation, debate ...);
  • Develop the skills of critical thinking, logical thinking, analytical skills ...;
  • Standard pronunciation, quick reflex; Natural communication, not awkward.

Course Information:

  • 100% of lessons with native speakers.
  • Thinking completely in English. Not dependent on teaching assistants
  • Highly qualified native speakers, rich teaching experience.
  • Small class size: maximum 15 students.
  • International learning environment

In order for students to enjoy and learn English at SmartLearn every hour, they are also eligible to take part in outdoor practice, extracurricular programs, and extracurricular activities. community conventions, as well as special monthly themed events and festivals.

Through this, children are encouraged to participate and experience many new activities to review knowledge and apply skills learned in the classroom. Combined recreation will help children develop evenly in both mind and body, helping to learn the most effective lessons.

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